Density 80 – 600kg/m³
Hardness 200 - 500N

We offer medium hardness moulded integral skin foam solutions. This material is very sturdy, shock absorbing, exceptionally resistant to environmental impacts: friction, squeeze, pull, the impact of oil products, ultraviolet rays, etc.
In the course of technological process a mechanical impact resistant film is formed, which gives the product excellent longevity and it does not require any additional layer or processing.
This technology is used in automotive steering wheel, dashboard, door handle production, also to manufacture rescue boat seats and medical equipment. It is also ideally suitable for office chair armrest production.
We are also capable of manufacturing products in different colours.
Moulded integral skin foam manufacturing technology allows the production of polyurethane parts with integrated metal, plastic or wooded constructions (inserts).

The hardness and density can be adjusted in the course of manufacturing process, which allows finding a solution most suitable to the customer’s needs.

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