Density 40 – 80kg/m³
Hardness 100 - 400N

Moulded flexible HR foam is used in production of highest quality upholstered furniture, recliner chairs, office chairs, bus, train, boat chairs, etc.

Our technology allows producing flexible HR polyurethane foam with integrated metal, plastic or wooden inserts. According to customer’s request, we may take responsibility for supplying any type of metal and plywood inserts.
Due to wide scale of the foam elasticity, moulded foam products provide incomparable sitting comfort. Easy adjustable density, flexibility and hardness of the moulded foam guarantees highest sitting comfort on every place on the foam in furniture. Exceptional features of moulded foam allow selecting correct seating depth for every weight person.
Moulded foam products are characterized as having a smooth surface, which makes upholstering with fabric and leather easier. Precise shapes of moulded parts simplify assembly operations, make manufacturing process faster and reduce production costs. Moulded foam parts have exceptionally high quality and longevity. Moulded foam has certain advantage against slab stock foam comparing stability, longevity, compression set and seating comfort.
Special technology of moulded foam production allows adjusting the density, flexibility and hardness for every new single product, what is not possible to reach with any other foaming technologies. That allows production to be top flexible seeking for top quality sitting comfort solutions.
Moulded flexible HR (high resistance) products are particularly durable and maintain their original shape and quality even after several years use.
Hardness and density can be easily adjusted in the course of manufacturing process, which allows finding a solution most suitable to the customer’s needs.
We have a mould production facility where the moulds are designed and produced in close cooperation with the customers.

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